Blog 14th birthday / A brief reminder

Blog 14th birthday / A brief reminderBlog 14th birthday / A brief reminder: Its that time of year again, for a short note to highlight the passing of the 14th birthday of the start of this blog.

This annual August post flags up that due nature of the topics covered, this blog may sometimes not be the most interesting of blogs.

However, while the topics may be ‘dry’ (or dull depending on your preference), I do hope you will find the blog of use.

I also hope that the topics covered will give a little bit of an overview of some of the issues that local councillor’s and councils have to face. Along with why at times things are done in specific ways.

The blog also aims to cover – advise useful information on various matters and local or sometimes not so local events.

As is always the case if you have a topic or issue that you would like to see me cover, or there’s an issue or event that should be mentioned, please get in touch.

While most updates on issues will eventually end up on the blog, some issues will just be listed either on twitter (@anthonymckeown) or on Facebook via my facebook page (Anthony E. Mckeown).

Finally, for this annual August post (and for many of the other posts on the blog) – just in case it’s not always 100% clear.

All views expressed on this blog, are only the views of myself and should not unless expressly stated be considered the opinions of any of the bodies that I am involved with.

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