236 Sunday Service – September 2019 Changes

236 Sunday Service - September 2019 Changes236 Sunday Service – September 2019 Changes: Sunday 1st September in common with most years sees several bus timetable changes, alas this year it’s not just the usual changes to mark the end of the summer holidays.

The most significant and disappointing of the changes coming into effect on the 1st September is that the Sunday (and bank holiday) service on the 236 from Glossop to Ashton Under Lyne will be withdrawn.

The reason that the service is to be withdrawn has been advised by Stagecoach as low passenger numbers using the service.

This means that from Sunday 1st September, the stops covered only by the 236 (on the Derbyshire side Glossop Caravans, B&M, Spread Eagle) will no longer be served.

Additionally, instead of an almost half-hour service to Ashton Under Lyne during Sunday day time, there will now only be an hourly service with just the 237 surviving at a slightly revised time from now.

TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) have reviewed the situation and has decided to take no action on replacing – subsiding the service.

This decision has been made by TFGM based on two main reasons.

One is that the area not covered following the withdrawal (on their side of the boundary) is already covered by the East Tameside Local Link service.

The second is that they also flagged that it is a relatively short distance to the Gunn Inn where the 237 service will still be available.

DCC (Derbyshire County Council) have made the same decision. This is partly based on the area that won’t be covered following the withdrawal, and partly based on TFGM’s decision.

The 237 service times from Glossop are also changed on Sunday’s.

Buses from Glossop will now leave Shirebrook at 1/2 past the hour instead of 25 past, with the last bus now leaving Shirebrook at 5.30pm instead of the current 5.45pm.

The evening service by MCT is unchanged.

If you are annoyed by this decision, this has been decided by Stagecoach, and you can contact them to let them know your views at:

Email: manchester.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com

Stagecoach Manchester, Head Office

Hyde Road, Manchester

M12 6JS

Sunday 1st September also sees the usual end of the summer holidays Monday to Friday timetable changes. This sees a number of the morning journeys from Glossop retimed to start 5 minutes earlier.

You can see the new timetable by clicking here: http://www.derbysbus.info/times/timetables/236S-190901.pdf

In addition to the above changes, there are several other changes to times across Tameside and Greater Manchester. You can view details by clicking here:

There are also changes to the 351 Glossop to Holmfirth service on Saturday’s with journeys from Glossop running 5 minutes later to better connect with the Buxton bus. You can view more details by clicking here: http://www.southpenninect.co.uk/timetables/Service351WebTimetableSept2019.pdf

There are also changes to the times on the 199 Buxton to Manchester Airport service, you can see the changes by clicking here: https://www.highpeakbuses.com/media/2011/199-buxton-to-manchester-airport-mon-sun-010919.pdf

If you’re affected by the changes or you want any additional details, please get in touch – you can find ways to get in touch by clicking here


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