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Samas Roneo

The former Samas Roneo warehouse site on Glossop Road has been a cause for concern for some time, with the former warehouse building gradually deteriorating.

As the building is privately owned the council has limited powers in terms of been able to force the owners to improve the appearance of the site, the council has however used the ‘powers’ it has available to encourage and require the owners of the site to do as much as possible to keep the site as secure and ‘tidy’ as possible.

In terms of future plans for the site, the site and the field next to it, were the subject of planning application HPK/2012/0026 in 2012, which sought and gained outline approval for the former warehouse to be demolished, and be replaced with up to 93 houses.

However the applicants for the application, don’t appear to be interested in perusing the development themselves, it seems the application is more aimed at increasing the value of the site, which unfortunately means we are currently stuck with the existing site in it’s current condition until such time as the land / warehouse site are purchased by suitable developers.

Update October 2013 : In response to queries I had received with regards to further parts of the roof collapsing (as pictured right), I’ve asked building control if there are any additional steps we can take, however they have advised the following :

“The Planning Authority can serve a notice if it appears that the amenity of an area is adversely affected. In this case, the condition of the roof does not appear visually to be having an adverse affect on amenity and I note that the building has a permission to be demolished and redeveloped.  Therefore there is no action the Planning Enforcement can take in this matter. “

Update December 2014 : BNP Paribas the agents who sought and gained the planning permission in 2012 have circulated a consultation leaflet advising that they will be re-submitting the previous application to seek additional time.

You can view the leaflet by clicking below

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’SamasLeaflet Dec 2014.pdf’ /]

Update January 2015 : The planning applications is now visible on the council’s planning system.

The application is ref : HPK/2014/0665 and you can view it by clicking here

If you want to comment on the planning application, you can do that by clicking above on to the council site – my ‘commenting on planning applications‘ page that gives information on issues you can raise is available by clicking here.

Update March 2015 : The planning application is due to go to the Development Control Committee on Monday 16th March and you can read the officer report that will go to the committee by clicking here. The report has a recommendation from officers to the development control committee to approve the application.

After consideration by the Development control committee, the application was approved and the site once again has outline planning permission.

Update August 2015 : I’ve asked officers from the council’s enforcement team to chase up the owners around keeping the Samas Reneo site secure.

Update November 2016 : I’ve had various reports over the last few weeks advising that people are surveying the site again.

To date I’ve not had a response from the current agents as to what there intentions are and it is possible they may no longer be involved in the site.

In terms of progressing the application to build on the site – although it currently has planning permission – it is only outline permission, meaning that a further more detailed application (including details on the exact type and design of buildings etc) will need to be made to the council – to date (21st November) there is no application on the council’s system.

Update May 2017 : Residents on Glossop Road, will be receiving over the course of the next few days, a consultation leaflet from Nexus Planning on behalf of Countrywide / the Casey Group regarding a proposal that will see a planning application submitted to the council in the next few weeks, to develop the former Samas Roneo site, and the fields both above and below it for 154 new houses.

Samas Roneo May 2017Additional details will come through once the planning application is submitted to the council.

You can view the consultation leaflet by clicking below :

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’planning/Consultation-leaflet-Gamesley.pdf’ /]

Update March 2018 : Planning application DET/2018/0002, has been submitted to request approval to demolish the Samas Roneo warehouse.

This application was approved by the council on 28th March and demolition works are due to start shortly.

Update June 2018 : Planning applications HPK/2018/0178 and HPK/2018/0191 have been submitted to deal with the reserve matters (the full details ie type of housing etc) from the outline planning permission that was approved back in 2015. You can view the details on those applications by clicking here.

Planning application HPK/2018/0272 has been submitted for the top field above the former warehouse to get permission to build 44 dwellings. You can view the details on this application by clicking here.

Update October 2018 : Planning applications HPK/2018/0272 and HPK/2018/0191 were considered at the Council’s Development Control and were approved.

Update October 2019 : Planning application HPK/2019/0474 has been submitted by the developers of the site to add an additional 48 properties to the planning permission granted in 2018 (HPK/2018/0191 and HPK/2014/0665).

The application is still awaiting validation on the council’s system at current, but I understand the intention is to remove the green/pond area (roughly at the rear of the Bluebell) for this additional development.

Update October 2019 : DOC/2019/0089 has been submitted to work through and Discharge of conditions 6,7,8,9,14,18,19,20,25,26,27,30,32,33,34 in relation to HPK/2018/0178

Update October 2019 : DOC/2019/0090 has been submitted to work through and Discharge of conditions 3,6,8,9,11,15,16,17,18,19,26,30 in relation to HPK/2018/0272

The discharge of conditions applications include further information on the development and the exact details on a number of areas from roof colours, to road arrangements that need to be agreed before building work could start.

Update February 2020: Planning application HPK/2019/0474 was considered at the Council’s Development Control Committee and approved.

The application that was approved gave full planning permission for 50 more residential units, which involves the remodelling of a part of the Site Layout approved under HPK/2018/0191. This results in a net difference of 19 more residential units (to Phase 1), taking the combined total of the wider site to 156 dwellings

A further aspect of the approved application is to re-position the affordable housing units already secured within the S106 agreements connected to the previous applications across the whole site so that the majority are located in one location in this eastern shown on the affordable housing plan – as opposed to spread out.

Update April 2021 : It is likely that some level of works will be seen on the site (ground testing etc), this is due to the developers needing to satisfy and start some type of work to prevent the approved applications from timing out.

Update November 2021 : DOC/2021/0107 has been submitted to work through discharge of conditions 3, 6, 7, 9, 13, 22 and 23 relating to HPK/2019/0474

The application also shows a different applicant from previous applications a Mr Stephen Haighn, along with a different company name – Ecotek Homes

Work also now appears to have started on the site.

This batch of documents also includes a construction traffic management plan which includes hours of work : click here for details

Update March 2022 : Ecotek Homes have started to advertise the site as the Crowberries with the following website :

Update March 2024

Following what we understand to be a range of issues with the original developer and builder of the site, both have now been replaced by a different company. From what’s been advised to the Council, it is expected that work will now recommence on site in May.