Samas Roneo Planning Application HPK/2018/0272

Samas Roneo Planning Application HPK/2018/0272Planning application HPK/2018/0272 has been submitted for the building of 44 dwellings, on the field which is above (if heading toward St Margaret’s on Glossop Road - pictured left) the former Samas Roneo warehouse, up to Gamesley Bridge.

The 44 dwellings will be made up of 3 one bedroom apartments, 6 two bedroom apartments, 5 two bedroom houses, 17 three bedroom houses and 13 four bedroom houses.

The bulk of the building will be 2 storeys, with a small number of 2 ½ and 3 storey building, with the 2 ½ storey building having accommodation within the roof space.

The development would use as the main road access to this part of the site the proposed access for the bottom half of the development which is subject to a separate planning application to relocate it further up Glossop Road than the entrance to the former Samas Roneo warehouse.

The application also proposes a second access further up Glossop Road (in line with 25/27 Glossop Road) which would provide access for 4 of the dwellings.

The developers are indicating in the information so far, that they will offer 30% or 14 dwellings as affordable housing on an 80% rented 20% intermediate / shared ownership split with an affordable housing provider yet to be identified, along with controls across both this and the rest of Samas Roneo development (if approved) to ensure that will be built and available in line with the rest of the development and not left to the end of the development.

The application has gone live on the council’s system today and will be open for consultation until 19th July 2017. The application is classed as a major application so will go before the development control committee to be determined.

You can view the full details of the application by clicking here.

If you want to comment, object (or support) the applications you can do that by clicking here.

This application, as opposed to the application for the other part of the Samas Roneo site, is completely new, and does not already have outline planning permission.

If you are going to comment, object (or support) the application, you can view details on what are considered valid issues to comment on and what issues will not be considered as valid concerns by planning officers by viewing my page about commenting on planning applications is available by clicking here.

As with the previous applications if you have any questions about the application or the process, please get in touch by clicking here.

If you are objecting to the application it can be worthwhile getting in touch with your local councillor, which if you live on the part of Glossop Road facing the developer your High Peak Borough Councillor is George Wharmby.

For details on contacting George please click here.

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