Ruth George MP – Happy 1st Anniversary

Ruth George MP - Happy 1st AnniversaryLast Friday saw the one year anniversary of the 2017 general election when after the devastating results of the county council elections the month before, which saw Labour lose a number of county council seats across the High Peak, we almost came back from nowhere to elect Ruth George as our MP.

Now there are a great many reasons for that rapid change in circumstances which have been analysed by many experts in great depth from a great manifesto to a great new candidate to highlighting the previous MP voting record, but all those factors combined with a great many folks helping across the High Peak to elect the third Labour MP and the first female MP in the history of the High Peak.

Since then Ruth has worked non stop to represent our interests in parliament speaking close to 200 times, taking on with the help of her office staff close to 1200 queries from locals.

Kris-crossing the High Peak to meet with local groups, hold coffee mornings, go canvassing and more to represent the issues that matter to local residents across the High Peak, it’s been great to work with Ruth during her first 12 months in office, here’s hoping for many more and just thinking what more could be done with a Labour government in place of the current one.

Ruth George MP - Happy 1st Anniversary

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