Thank you once more

Thank you once moreThursday 2nd May 2019 saw the latest set of elections for High Peak Borough Council.

As before I was once again privileged and honoured to have been selected as the Labour (and co-operative) candidate for Gamesley and by the Friday afternoon following the count even more privileged to have been re-elected for a sixth time as the ward councillor for Gamesley.

After each election whatever the result, there is always a whole host of people that need to be thanked, the first (and most important) obviously is every one that took the time out to vote for me, and the other Labour candidates across Glossopdale and the High Peak.

The next is our dedicated band of candidates and supporters that have leafleted, knocked, phoned tweeted and more to contact local residents across Glossopdale and the High Peak, those efforts have been incredible.

As with every election, we have said goodbye to some great local councillors, and we welcome some new enthusiastic ones including for the first time ever on High Peak, some from the Green Party, the next few years will be interesting and with Labour taking control of the council politically we hope and will work to make the council more on your side.

Election Result

Name of Candidate Description (if any)

CROMPTON Matthew James Andrew  – The Conservative Party Candidate  – 55

McKEOWN Anthony Edward – Labour and Co-operative Party – 306 Elected

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