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Bus Watch collects details of complaints or issues with local bus services which are recorded and passed to the company responsible for a response.

Details may also be forwarded to the DCC Public Transport Unit or TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) where the service with a problem is subsidised by either body.

In order to try and resolve your complaint / issue, please can you provide as much detail as possible.

You can complete the bus watch form online by clicking here.

For paper copies please get in touch

The reason for collecting these details, is because it’s only with a bulk of evidence that there is a particular problem with a bus services or a particular journey that we can get action taken against the operator to put it right.

We can all grumble if the bus doesn’t turn up when it’s supposed to, or complain to our friends if it’s early, but if you take can 5 minutes (it may take even less) to report the problem, eventually we can get enough details to get these problems fixed.

 For more information on the Bus Watch scheme please contact me

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