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  1. John Ellis
    15/07/2018 @ 10:13 pm

    Just to say that twenty months ago we moved away from your area into Wales, but I’ve kept my name on the mailing list of this site just to see if the 394 bus survives, as I once used it regularly and first subscribed to this site in the context of the campaign to save it.

    I’m posting because moving here gave us our first experience of a B & M store, which has a branch in one of our nearby towns. If you end up with B & M taking over the Glossop Co-op, the upside, judging from our experience, is that it’s a really good store with helpful and friendly staff and the prices are really keen – on the whole very definitely cheaper than the Co-op. You can find some tinned food items 50% cheaper than the standard price.

    The downside is that, unlike the Co-op, our branch at least sells no frozen good or fresh vegetables at all, and a very limited amount of chilled meats. And no chilled fish at all.

    Good luck with it, if it happens.


  2. John Ellis
    15/07/2018 @ 10:15 pm

    Sorry: no frozen FOOD … !


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