237 Be aware !

237 Be aware !There was some good news for parents and guardians for the start of the new school year with the news that Stagecoach has introduced a new child’s weekly ticket for children in Glossopdale and New Mills that are on the Derbyshire side of the border.

Costing £10 and available either from the driver or via the Stagecoach mobile app, it can potentially be a significant saving for folks with children going across to the new Glossopdale School or Longdendale, along with the added benefit of being available for use on Stagecoach services across Greater Manchester.

Now while the ticket is welcome news, anyone purchasing it needs to be aware that for the 237, it is only valid on the Stagecoach journeys and is not valid on the trips run by MCT (Manchester Community Transport) that run all journeys leaving Glossop or Ashton after 7.00pm.

That means that if you purchase one of the Stagecoach tickets you will need to buy a separate ticket to use the MCT (Manchester Community Transport) journeys.

This also applies to Stagecoach Student tickets which again are only valid on the Stagecoach journeys.

The only range of tickets that are currently valid on both Stagecoach and MCT journeys are the SystemOne – Getmethere range of tickets which you can see more details and information on at www.systemonetravelcards.co.uk

However, because we are on the Derbyshire side of the border, the under 16 tickets are not available and are also not valid on services running in Derbyshire.

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