Women’s Suffrage Centenary Celebration

Women's Suffrage Centenary CelebrationThis coming Saturday (15th September) Glossop will hold a celebration to commemorate the centenary of Women's Suffrage.

The celebration will start at 2.00pm when a specially created banner is paraded through the town from Norfolk Square to the Glossop Labour Club.

The parade will be led by the High Peak's first and current female MP Ruth George and will be the start of an afternoon's entertainment to celebrate the legislation passed in 1918 that granted the vote to women aged over 30 for the first time and paved the way for universal suffrage 10 years later.

The celebration is taking place in the Glossop Labour club as Florance French one of the founders, was a leading campaigner for women's rights in Glossop.

The. banner was made (pictured above) by members and friends of the Glossop Arts Project and other local groups.

The banner is 2 meters square and has been decorated with panels based on suffrage themes, embroidered text, scenes from 1918 parades and scenes giving a modern day take on women's rights.

Once the parade has reached the Glossop Labour club, there will be entertainment which will include the Glossop League of Ladies Choir, afternoon tea, information from the Glossop Heritage Trust and a display of all the work and research in designing and producing the banner.

The Glossop Arts Project has received support for the celebration from High Peak Borough Council and the Manchester Arts Fair.

For more information about the Glossop Arts Project, or the celebration on Saturday contact GAP, via their Facebook page, their website at www.Glossopartsproject.org or call 07855 320179.

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