2017 A not so quick review (part one)

Well, however your 2017 has been it’s now coming to an end, but before the chimes and the seeing in of the New Year, I thought I’d share a few of the events from during the year. Just a quick note, the events (aside from date wise) are in no other particular order – but may well be expanded on during the coming weeks and months – but if you want to know more about a particular event – get in touch

January 2017

The start of 2017 had some parallels to the end with discussions and campaigning going on to save local services, in January it was concerns over changes to the local fires service, concerns which went away at least in part due to the response from locals but have unfortunately the threat has returned as an unwelcome Christmas gift.

A scene to be repeated a number of times during the year, and no doubt on various occasions over the next 12 months to come, was a local community clean up organised by Cllr Ed Kelly, to tackle those spots in Hadfield that need that extra spot of attention, following limits on local services along sadly with folk that take the view that bins are only for the few not the many.


As part of work in preparation for an event during Derbyshire money week, folk from G52 worked to put together a specially themed version of monopoly, called Gamesleyoply, which aimed to raise awareness of a variety of financial issues and where to go to get additional help and support to tackle any particular issues that you may have.



February 2017

A special showing at the Partington Theatre of the film ‘I Daniel Blake’ sought to bring home, the reality of the impact of some of the policies that are being pursued by Conservative government.



During Derbyshire Money Week, an event was hosted to provide information on some of the available advice and support services that you may need if you have any financial issues.

Amongst the services that details were available about at the event, was one that featured a return visit to the area from former MP Tom Levitt, who was providing details on ‘Fair for you’ which is a variation on the weekly pay for items retailers by been run by folk with a conscience – click here for more details

February saw a relatively rare event in terms of the High Peak, with the creation / awarding of the distinction of ‘Freeman of the Brough’ to former Glossop Borough Councillor and Glossop Mayor, who in addition to civic / political service, has been a JP for many year and involved with keeping high standard in terms of local councillors, you can read more by clicking here


February also saw the presentation evening from the Glossop and District Round Table, who amongst many other activities run the Manor Park Bonfire, which raises funds for local groups.

This year’s presentation saw the £20,000 raised from last years bonfire, distributed to local groups and you can read more on that by clicking here

Ever February in Huddersfield, there is a gathering of great minds and folk like me from across the country, all venturing across the Pennines to discuss, debate and seek to improve local democracy at #Notwestminster.

The events aims to be not just about talk, but also around doing something practical with that talk,  with the Kirklees Democracy Commission been one example of the practical work done.

One particular highlight of mine at this year’s event, was a talk given by Emily Warrillow a member of the Kirklees Youth Council, and her story of how she got interested and involved in democracy and politics through contact with the late Jo Cox MP. For information on #Notwestminster click here


March 2017

A family themed memory to start off March, with the celebration of my nephews 2nd Birthday.



Although a little thin on the ground in terms of the number of attendees (a clash with planning if I remember correctly) March also saw this year celebration of Commonwealth Day.

If you’ve not heard of Commonwealth Day, it’s a day to highlight the Commonwealth and the work of the many bodies that are connected and involved with it, and this year was the 40th Anniversary since it was first celebrated – for more details click here.

Finally for this part one, and alas not one of those campaigns where we had the success it deserved for the effort in work put in by the people involved (at least in my view), was the launch of the county council election campaign.