Rugby Club Christmas Eve Meal

Rugby Club Christmas Eve MealRugby Club Christmas Eve Meal - Are on your own this Christmas, or do you know someone who is?

If the answer is yes - Nicola Ormerod and Helen Morris, want to hear from you because they have organised an evening meal on Christmas Eve from 6pm at the Glossop Rugby Club on Hargate Hill Lane and thanks to a surge of generosity from Glossopdale people, it’s absolutely free!

Nicola, who is manager at the club, has been handing out invitations along with Helen, who runs Dandelion Crafts on Henry Street.

Commenting in the Glossop Chronicle Nicola said: “It’s for anyone of any age, anyone who will be alone or lonely. My husband will be bringing two homeless people from Oldham.”

The evening gets under way at 6pm, with the guests sitting down to a hearty, home cooked meal with a glass of wine or sherry.

Donations, which includes one of £250, means everything is paid for.

There could possibly be enough left over to provide taxis for anyone struggling to get there.

“We have plenty of volunteers and everything is paid for,” said Nicola.

“All we need now is bums on seats. Hopefully everyone will get a small gift. We are trying to get some entertainment but as of yet, we can’t find anyone that can come on Christmas Eve.”

If you want to attend, or entertain, contact Nicola on 07999 792612 or Helen on 07590 988823.