Manchester Credit Union and Unite Community Meeting

Manchester Credit Union and Unite Community MeetingTomorrow evening (Friday 22nd January) will see two open meetings take place in the Glossop Labour Club.

The first starting at 7.30pm will see Christine Moore, the chief executive of the Manchester Credit Union, speaking in a well-timed speech in the week after National Debt Awareness Week on the importance of credit unions in society.

Next up after the first meeting is a meeting for current and potential Community Unite members on what Community Unite is, and whether to consider setting up a Glossop and District Group to campaign on local issues.

If you’ve not heard of Community Unite, it’s a new category of union membership that aims to brings people outside of the workplace (including unemployed and retired folk) into the union community, linking families and workplaces together to strive for a better, more caring society. Community membership places organising and activism at the centre of local communities: it provides a structure through which people can use their political voices to campaign for change. Community membership also offers a variety of individual benefits and services, designed to look after the interests of our members and make their lives easier. These benefits range from discounts at major high street retailers, to debt counselling and a free 24-hour legal help line.

The two meetings have been jointly organised by the High Peak Co-op Party Branch and Community Unite.