Review of Tenant Involvement

Review of Tenant InvolvementHigh Peak Borough Council is currently reviewing how tenant involvement works in the High Peak.

Previously tenant involvement was mainly done aside from folks on the citizen panel or who had signed up to complete surveys, via the tenant scrutiny panel.

The tenant scrutiny panel was a group of tenants from across the High Peak, who had volunteered to look at and scrutinise how the council’s housing service was run across the High Peak.

This would be done via a range of methods from talking to officers, and folks who had recently used whatever service was been looked at, to going out and investigating how well or otherwise things like repairs, grass cutting etc. have been done by the council (and before it returned to the council High Peak Community Housing).

The tenant scrutiny panel would also be consulted on things like services changes and contracts, including things like should the grass be collected after it’s been cut, should fences be repaired and a whole range of other issues.

Alas in recent years, the panel has fallen by the wayside due to difficulties in recruiting and keeping volunteers, so the council is now looking at other ways this can be done, and to find out your views, there is a survey on the council’s website.

The survey asks for your views on two main issues, what service areas you would like to look at and how you would want to look at them.

How the council provides services to its housing tenants or on its estates is an important issue and if you have an interest in how services by the council for council house tenants are provided or you live on one of the councils housing estates and have views, please complete the survey and let us know your opinions.

You can access the survey by clicking here, if you have additional views or want to add something that’s not covered by the survey, please get in touch by clicking here.

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