Changes to the council housing tenancy agreement

Changes to the council housing tenancy agreementThis coming Wednesday sees a meeting of the Council’s Community Select Committee, amongst the items it will consider is one on changes and updates to the tenancy agreement for council housing tenants.

The proposed changes are required to both up-date issues within the tenancy operationally and legislatively whilst also maximising the Council’s ability to proactively manage its housing stock.

A summary of the proposed amendments been put forward by officers is given below (this is potentially subject to addition/amendment throughout the consultation process) :


Reason for change

Your rights as a secure tenant

This section has had minor amendments for ease of reading/completeness

The section relating to repairs has been reworded to give a more accurate reflection of our legal obligations

False Statement

For completeness “knowingly withholding information” has been added

Rental Payments

Amendment to wording to accommodate daily tenancies

Greater clarity around charges associated with the tenancy including Carelink charges

Use of the Property

Set timeframes for what is viewed as a “temporary” absence to allow swifter resolution of potential misuse/abandonment cases.

Anti-social behaviour

Updated to include abuse via social media

Storage of weapons within properties has been included

Keeping of pets

Wording updated to ensure permission sought more widely

Pests and Vermin

Responsibility for ensuring recycling/waste containers are available has been added

Repairs & Maintenance

Greater clarity around safety equipment and ensuring this is adequately powered

Greater clarity around tenant alterations

The need to ensure tumble driers are properly vented has been added as this has been a feature in recent disrepair cases

Letting us into your home

Greater clarity around why/when we may need to enter some-ones home

Abortive out-of-hours calls to be recharged

Conduct to staff etc.

Updated to include abuse via social media

Ending your tenancy

Amendment to wording to accommodate daily tenancies
Clarity around items left once a tenancy has ended

What happens if we don’t keep to this agreement

Clarity that written permission is needed to deal with a third party

You can view the full details including the changed text by clicking here

If the changes are approved an informal “reality check” consultation will then take place with tenants who are visiting council receptions over a 2 week period an opportunity to comment on the changes

This will be followed by a further, larger scale consultation undertaken to enable all tenants to be given an opportunity to comment.

Please take the time to have a look through the changes and if you have any concerns or think there are any issues that the council should be considering please get in touch