ICYMI : Carnival Season Glossop, Buxton, Charlesworth

ICYMI : Carnival Season Glossop, Buxton, CharlesworthICYMI : Carnival Season Glossop, Buxton, Charlesworth.

Early July across the High Peak, in theory sees the full embrace of summer, and in terms of weekend activities, the bulk of carnival season across the High Peak, with carnival’s taking place in most of the towns and villages across the area.

For most folk attending, carnival day (or day’s / week) means a day of fun hopefully in the sun, seeing interesting sites, acts or taking part in an interesting activity, but for those that are involved in putting together the event, the final actual day or days, will be the end of many month of planning and much work, whether it’s a weekend in the park like Glossop’s, a whole week (or more with the festivals) in Buxton, or the parade and day on the ‘rec’ like Charlesworth, we have to offer many thanks to all those that take the time to put together these community events, which as well as providing something to do on a weekend, quite often also play a significant role in helping local groups to fund raise, from duck races to raffles, luck dips and more.

So for those of you that have a grumble that your local event didn’t include something you would have liked, or too much of the stuff you don’t like – keep an eye out a little later in the year and put your money where your mouth is and offer that bit of help to the volunteers who have put together these events, quite often with limited help on the ‘committee’ and most likely ever-growing requirements to make sure these events continue to take place.

Glossop Carnival

First up this year in this brief review of local carnivals was the Glossop Carnival weekend, which took place on Saturday 1st and 2nd July, in Glossop’s Manor Park organised by the stalwarts of the Glossop Arts and Leisure Association.

I attended just on the Saturday this year hearing from the wonderful Glossopdale Swing Band, seeing the talented dancers of the Centre Stage Dance Academy and the Cherry Bombombs you can see a few glimpses of the event below, with more on display at : https://flic.kr/s/aHsm3z6B3C

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Buxton Carnival

Next up was the parade from the Buxton Well Dressing Carnival, a rare one in a sense as usually the date for Glossop & Charlesworth preclude a trip across the hills, but this year for a change the dates worked.

Buxton carnival take place as part of a range of activities tied up with the well dressing and the other summer festivals including the Buxton Fringe Festival and as well the parade itself, there’s a range of activities in the Pavillion Gardens and the fair on the Market Place.

You can see a few images from the parade below with more at : https://flic.kr/s/aHskYkrCDq

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Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

Last up, was yesterday’s Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival, which starts with a traditional carnival parade which sets off from St Margarets and processes through the village ending up at the ‘Rec’.

With floats from local groups, schools and organisations, the whole event has a strong friendly community feel, with the scarecrow trail and all the activities on the ‘Rec’, and the event last night in the village club adding to that the community feel, and as above all the volunteers who work to put the event together deserve our thanks.

With the great bubble man keeping the kids entertained, a beer tent, fell running, steel drum band and more, a great local event.

You can see a few images from the Carnival below, and there’s more at : https://flic.kr/s/aHskZNXcxx

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