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  1. Stephen Slater
    24/02/2016 @ 9:45 pm

    Message from Steve Slater, Marple re the 394.


    Please have a look at the Marple Community Forum website comments about the 394 service.

    I have just made the following comment:-

    It is interesting to see the photographs above the petition for the bus service on William Wraggs website.

    The first is Mr Wragg digging for victory celebrating the massive cuts in Council Parks & Rec staff which has led to such a deterioration of Marple Park, Brabyns Park, St Chads and Torkington Park. The second is a splendid photo of Mr Cameron: I cannot help thinking that David Cameron would board a bus and take a seat, the driver would turn around to ask for his fare and Mr Cameron would very genuinely be totally confused and apologise profusely stating that he thought buses had conductors to collect the fares. The final photograph above stating ‘Your Council Tax has been frozen’ doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence about the provision of funding: if the elderly and infirm are denied their meals on wheels due to cuts will they be denied the wheels to get to Stepping Hill if they don’t have a car?

    Still, it’s inspiring to see our MP is now taking signatures on this subject. If he had asked I am sure that he would have been told that he could actually take a photograph of the bus as it went through Marple instead of having to use the photo taken by the Labour Councillor for Gamesley (google Cllr Anthony Mckeown 394 and lo and behold what do you find but Mr Mckeown’s photograph of the bus in Gamesley when started his campaign and petition two weeks ago). Handy that he was able to copy the photo from the Labour Councillor’s website.

    Cllr Anthony Mckeown said “I condemn the management of High Peak Buses / Centrebus for this latest decision taken without consultation with either service users or the County Council which will see locals cut off from access to work, Stepping Hill Hospital, Marple College and leave residents of Chisworth completely stranded with no local bus service during the week.”

    William has already written to, Stockport Council, Derbyshire Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and High Peak Buses asking that they look very carefully at retaining this service as it crucial for so many in our community.

    Mr Wragg states ‘The 394 provides a vital lifeline to the most vulnerable in our community and seeing its services cut would have wide reaching consequences’. Well that is a statement of the obvious. What I do not see anywhere in his statement is a commitment to fight for the service!

    He also states: ‘Signing the petition will give William the chance to present this to all of the groups mentioned above to add further weight to everyone’s cause.’ again a statement of the obvious but not the slightest hint that he could care less!

    It might be handy for him to download a copy of the petition document from Councillor Mckeown’s website.


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