Gamesley Allotments – update 2

Gamesley Allotments – update 2Gamesley Allotments - update 2 : As advised last week, work has started on converting a field at the top of the estate from its current usage to allotments.

As can be seen from the picture(s) on the right and below, work is progressing, with work started and in some case completed during the past week on some of the fencing for the site, along with work to the main footpaths through the site.

If you’ve passed the site (going along the path up to St Margarets / Charlesworth) you may well have noticed that one of the fences under construction looks to be chopping off a part of the site, well don’t worry it’s not, the odd bit of fencing is to create an area that will be for a community orchard with its first tree occupant (in a sense) been one of the few tree survivors from the sites former use.

The reason for creating a community orchard part of the site, is to enable even folk that don’t want the work or responsibility of a normal plot, to be able to be involved in the ‘allotments project’.
As before if you’re interested in been involved, please get in touch