341 Delays Expected – Long Lane Closure 3/8/15 to 7/8/15

341 Norfolk SquareFrom Monday 3rd August up to and including (unless works are completed ahead of schedule) Friday 3rd August, Long Lane from its junction with the A626 at Glossop Road / Charlesworth War Memorial to Best Hill Bridge at Broadbottom will be closed between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm.

The closure is to “Facilitate Footway Resurfacing” and I expect will lead to delays getting out of Glossopdale toward Tameside / Manchester as all traffic will need to go via Mottram Moor.

For the duration of the closure, I’m advised that buses will be escorted through the works, which should mean that although there will be a slight delay, buses will be running more or less to normal times / route.

Update 3/8/15 : Despite the DCC website advising that buses will be escorted through the road works – this is not currently happening and as such buses are been diverted via Mottram Moor – which means they are currently running 15/20 minutes late.