B_line – important changes from 1st August 2015

From Saturday 1 August the Derbyshire County Council are revising the B_line travel scheme for children and young people, and as can sometimes be the case with any changes it’s mainly good news but with some bad news.

This change affects who is entitled to a B_line pass and what fare you will pay on the bus. Additionally even if you already hold a B_line pass you will need to apply to Derbyshire County Council for a new one.

First the good news - more young people who live in Derbyshire will now be eligible for cut price travel on local buses and trains with a b_line2 card.

This is because apprentices and other young people on training schemes, working or looking for work will also qualify for the discount. Previously it had only been for students up to 19 in full-time education.

This means that B_Line will now be available in two versions:

B_line 1 Card
Orange b-line 1 cards will be valid for children from 11 years old until their 16th birthday. These can be used to prove the cardholder is eligible for the bus or train operators' own discount or child fare. In most cases this is better than the old b_line offer.

B_line 2 Card
A new purple card will replace the current silver card. You can apply for this card when you are 16 years old and it will be valid until your 19th birthday.

However as mentioned before there is some bad news – and that’s that the discount on the B_line 2 card will now be 25 per cent off full adult fares rather than 33 per cent off.

But as the DCC press release advises both cards can continue to be used to get discounts at around 600 local shops and other businesses. They can also be used as library cards to borrow at any Derbyshire and Derby City library.

In terms of getting the new cards most people will get their new b_line cards at the start of the new school term in September. But provided they still have a valid date, old cards can continue to be used until the end of October.

Young people not at school will need to make their own application. Application forms can be downloaded from the YouthInc website (opens in a new window).

In terms of what it means for our local bus companies – although I’m not aware of any changes in fares being made by High Peak or Stotts at current, fares on Stagecoach have changed from the 1st August (fare changed to 25% discount for both cards) and I expect the other two companies may well make changes shortly.

In terms of the changes for Stagecoach the details are as follows :

How much will I pay on a Stagecoach Manchester bus?

From Saturday 1 August you will be asked to pay a new single fare with your b_line card.

Current Fare New Fare from 1 August
95p £1.05
£1.20 £1.35
£1.35 £1.50
£1.50 £1.65
£1.55 £1.75
£1.75 £1.95
£2.10 £2.35

Unlimited travel tickets

If you travel regularly our unlimited travel tickets may offer you better value.
Stagecoach dayrider and megarider tickets offer unlimited travel on Stagecoach Manchester services:

Ticket Price Available
Manchester dayrider £4.10 From the bus driver
Manchester 7 megarider £13.50 On line or from the bus driver
Manchester 28 day megarider £50.00 On line

If you are full-time student in further education you can save money with a unirider. We will be providing details of our new term and annual tickets valid from 1 September very soon. Look out for details on our unirider page.

I’ll advise any updates as soon as I am aware of any other changes, but for more information on the B_line scheme click here.

Don’t forget though if you are travelling into Tameside / Stockport / Manchester on a regular basis (or just for the day), the SystemOne range of tickets may be a better alternative for further details click here.

For more information on local bus services and ticket options please click here.