Thank you from the Charlesworth & Chisworth Carnival

from Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

We have known for many years that Gamesley residents are strong supporters of the Carnival. They follow the parade and come to the Village Green in their hundreds.

In addition this year more schools have taken part in the Parade and on the field with prize winning results.

Plans for 2016 are already being discussed and we hope that, as this year, the emphasis will be on “Children’s Sports”. But when we can we also like to include something different so look out next year for a new attraction.

We hope that you agree that’s it’s a great day for the children, (and adults), and we will keep the Carnival going for as long as we can.

But In today’s world, staging a Free Entry Carnival is very expensive, it costs thousands and takes months of planning and effort.

Therefore, please keep supporting the Carnival, buying the Bonanza tickets, joining in on the parade etc. Remember that the organising group is always happy to accept extra with the planning or on the day. You certainly don’t have to live in Charlesworth or Chisworth to join-in.

Finally the Committee would like to say a simple “THANK YOU” as without all the support we receive we would be working for nothing.

Thank you again, you are appreciated.

Derek Baxter – Carnival Chairman