Beware – Higher Fares

BusFareChangesBeware that from Monday 2nd September ‘most’ journey’s on High Peak buses (formerly Bowers / Trent in the High Peak) will cost more than what they will have done previously.

Unfortunately as the first time I saw the details of the fare rises, was when I saw the notice on the left on Saturday I’ve not had chance to find out what this means for local services, but potentially it means that on longer journeys fares could go up by 40p with most short trips increasing by 10p or 20p with increases in return fares as well, with child and pre 9.30 journey’s increasing as well.

It may not be all be bad news, as the notice (and High Peak’s website) advise that around 20% of fare will not change and may drop.

There’s limited further details on their website at : but there’s also a on-line form for making fare enquiries which may be of use if you’re journey is not straight away.

I post details of what the changes will mean as soon as I have the information, but if you’re affected or have a particular issue with these changes please let me know – you can get in touch via the details here