Services on your street

On Wednesday 6th February in the Edale Crescent area, a range of local services will be available to local residents in a way not tried before with the services coming to you on your doorstep.

Edale Close Play Area
Edale Close Play Area (Photo credit: AnthonyMck)

It’s an initiative from the Gamesley Financial Inclusion Partnership which will see the council’s e-bus (a mobile customer services setup) hosting representatives from a number of services including citizen advice, connexions, affordable warmth and the local NHS Health Trainer Service.

Some door knocking will have taken place towards the end of the week to check the mix of services that will be calling is right along with arranging appointments where possible for anyone that wants them.

Although only been tried on Wednesday in the Edale Crescent area of Gamesley on Wednesday, it’s an initiative that if successful will hopefully be tried elsewhere in the area.

If you would like to get further information, or you live in the Edale Crescent area and want to book an appointment for any of the services, please contact Elaine on 07791754142.

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