Local Buses : Bad News For February

Although when I posted just before Christmas it looked like good news on the buses with the changes that High Peak are making in January, their news for February however is much worse.

From details advised by the company, from the 11th February with no reason as to why from High Peak Buses. The new 201 service, all the High Peak 202 journeys and all the Saturday journey’s on the 394 will be withdrawn.

This means for Saturday’s there will just be the 341 running, with no services for folk in Chisworth and no direct route to Marple or Stepping Hill Hospital, along with a reduced service during the week and no service for Simmondley unless the 341 is rerouted once again like it is on Saturday’s

I’ve contacted the bus company to try and find out why, along with the public transport unit at county to see if anything can be done and I will advise any further details as soon as I know.