January bus time changes – 394 / 202 / 201

On Monday 14th January there will be a number of changes to local bus services, the majority of the changes effect the times, but there is also a change in destination as well.

The biggest change in terms of time is to the 394, which will change during the majority of the day to leave Glossop at 38 minutes past the hour instead of the current 20 past and from Stepping Hill at 38 minutes past the hour instead of the current 20 past.

In terms of destination the biggest change is for the High Peak Buses version of the 202 which will now only run from Glossop to Gamesley via Simmondley instead of the current Glossop to Chisworth via Simmondley, and then finally there is a new 201 service which will run once an hour from Glossop to Gamesley and back.

This will now mean that between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday there will be buses to Glossop from Gamesley at 5 past (via Simmondley), 22 minutes past, 38 minutes past and 44 minutes past with buses on Saturday’s now more evenly spaced at 22 minutes past and 44 minutes past (with similar back from Glossop).

You can view full details of the timetables by clicking on the relevant one below :

201 / 202 / 341 – Glossop, Gamesley to Hyde via Simmondley (High Peak Buses / Stotts)

394 – Glossop, Gamesley to Stepping Hill (High Peak Buses)

Copies of the timetable will be available from the GRA or from me !


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