Bus Watch

Photo with thanks to mancunian1001

Both myself and the other Cllr Mckeown have picked up over the last few week, a growing number of concerns, and complaints about local bus services.
However to be able to have best impact with the various folks that monitor local services, we need to be able to give them concise and accurate information about which journeys on which services haven’t turned up, were late or what ever else the problem was.

To be able to get this information together, along with the GRA some time ago we setup Bus Watch, which is essentailly an arrangement to collate together details of bus ‘problems’ by way of a simple one page form that collects all the details needed to log a bus problem, because without these details, whilst we can pass on general complaints, its very difficult to get them resolved.

The form’s are available to be picked up from the GRA Office on Winster Mews, downloaded (in pdf format) by clicking here or alternatively you can complete it online by clicking here

If you get a paper version it needs to be returned to the GRA Office on Winster Mews.

For further details on Bus Watch, goto www.anthonymckeown.info/buswatch