Gamesley Community Awards 2011

Tonight, along with Cllr Dave Wilcox and the other Cllr Mckeown, I had the privilage of attending this year’s Gamesley Community Awards.

The awards which have been running for a few years now, started life (as I understand) as a way to mark the achivements of folk that had been completing adult education classes in various things, but was soon expanded to include the community awards element which is a great ways of the various groups and bodies that work on the estate being able to show thanks to the volunteers and people in the community who from the basic of just been a good neighbour to getting involved in neighbourhood watch and a whole range of other activities make our community a better place.

I’ll add (hopefully at some point) a complete list of the winners, but the photo above show all the winners that were in attendance. There’s also a whole host of other photo’s that you can view on my flickr page, by clicking here.

Many thanks to the various organisers led by Pat Javaund, and more importantly a big thankyou to all the winner for all that they do, and importantly if you know someone who is doing work within our community and wasn’t amongst those recognised this evening, let me know as to a certain extent the process of making nominations for next years winners starts now !