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  1. John Ellis
    24/10/2017 @ 4:53 pm

    Glad to see that the 394 has survived the October 2017 review and the implementation of the new contracts for subsidized bus services. As a Hazel Grove resident who used the 394 regularly several times a week, I supported your campaign last time the service was under threat. I’d thought that the service might be finally withdrawn now, given the financial pressures which Derbyshire County Council has been facing. It seemed improbable that TfGM would take over the subsidy for the entire service when such a large section of the route runs outside their area.

    But not so – it continues, at least for now! We moved away from the area a year ago, but I kept my name on your mailing list just to see what would happen to the 394! Its survival is very much down to your persistent campaigning, along with the guy in Marple who put so much effort into arguing for its survival at the Marple/Hazel Grove end. Congratulations – good to see a councillor so on the ball in campaigning for the needs and the interests of his community!


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