The times they are a changin (but not until the end of October)

The times they are a changin (but not until the end of October)At the end of October, there are timetable changes coming to a number of local bus services including the 341 (Glossop to Hyde) and 394 (Glossop to Stepping Hill), please read on below for details.

341 / 202 Glossop to Hyde Service

As reported early (Back to the Stotts), there will be a change of operator on the 341 / 202 Glossop to Hyde bus service, from High Peak Buses (who run it at current) back to Stotts (who used to run it).

In addition to the change of operator, there will also be a change of times with most buses running earlier than at current, with some exceptions.

The early morning 202 journeys from Glossop to Gamesley and back again on Monday to Friday’s remain at the same time as they are at current.

However, on Saturday’s the change is more significant with the current 07.07 and 08.10 journeys re-timed to leave Glossop at 07.30 and 08.30, meaning that the first bus on a Saturday morning from Gamesley (to Glossop) will be at 07.38 instead of 07.15 as at current.

Additionally, all journeys are renumbered to service 341, rather than 202.

In terms of journeys to Hyde the first two journeys in the morning from Glossop are re-timed to run later than at current, with journeys for the rest of the day re-timed to run earlier than at current, with the last buses to leave Glossop now been at 17.15 Monday to Fridays and 16.58 on Saturday’s.

From Hyde most journeys are re-timed to be run early than at current, meaning that journeys from Gamesley to Glossop will be just short of 10 minutes earlier than at current.

For full details you can download a copy of the timetable by clicking below

341 Glossop to Hyde Service from 30th October 2017
42.9 KiB

Copies of the timetable will also be available at our forthcoming councillor’s surgery, and MP’s Coffee morning.

394 Glossop to Stepping Hill Service

Changes to the timetable are also coming to the 394 Service, with the change been of a more optimistic nature by High Peak Buses, with all journeys except the first one from Stepping Hill been times to leave Stepping Hill 3 minutes earlier than at current.

The first journey back from Stepping Hill is also expected to get slightly quicker, with it been timed to be 2 minutes earlier than at current at Gamesley, with rest of the journeys expected to be 6 minutes quicker arriving at Gamesley 16 minutes past the hour instead of the current 22.

You can see the full details by downloaded a copy of the timetable by clicking below

6.2 KiB

Finally, there are also some changes due to the 236 / 7 but I’m awaiting details at current along with changes to 61 with the last journey at current (19.20 Glossop to Hayfield) been removed.

If you need additional information or these changes will affect you in any way, please get in touch.