Is this the end of bypass 2.0 ?

Reports in the news today and elsewhere are advising that Roy Oldham, the longtime Labour leader of Tameside Council has been deposed by the Labour Group in Tameside.

The group which met today has decided that after 30 years, someone new at the helm was needed and the group has chosen Droylsden East Councillor Kieran Quinn as Leader and Dukinfield Councillor John Taylor as Deputy Leader.

Now whilst this decision may not have to much effect in general for the High Peak, it could potentially have an effect on the proposal’s for bypass 2.0, a scheme which like the original bypass has being spearheaded in a number of places by Roy as leader, to possible a greater extent than it maybe now, by a new leader from a different area of Tameside.

It will be interesting to see what happens the proposals now as it will be also be interesting to see what the public’s initial response has been to the initial public consultation on the bypass 2.0 strategy.