Vote Bisknell !

Today is the general election and after all the hype, spin and newspaper headlines, it’s all down to you.

Please take the time if you can to go and vote if you can, it only takes a few minutes, and if the polls which are saying High Peak is close are right it could make all the difference.

The result at the last general election saw the High Peak return a Labour MP, meaning that some of the things in the image on the left were able to happen.

But tomorrow if you stay at home and don’t vote, or cast a vote for anyone one other than Labour, many of the things you value could be lost.

To see a picture of what a Tory government could mean – click on this link ( which shows an article in the Independent about Hammersmith and Fulham council, detailing the action they took after taking control to cut services to local residents.

Further examples of this can be seen on the Tory stories website including details of nearby Nottinghamshire County Council, where the Tories have sold off thirteen residential homes, increased charges for meals-on-wheels and home care, and cut community transport and welfare rights advice.

So please take the time out today, to go and vote.

Vote Labour, vote for Caitlin Bisknell and as Ross Kemp says it only takes 60 seconds and could make all the difference.