Words of wisdom ? – to new councillor’s

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One of my occasional opposition blog read’s, and listed on the blog list as a blog from the dark side (policy wise at least) is Richard Kemp, the leader of the Lib Dems at the Local Government Association and a councillor in Liverpool.

Eagle eyed locals may recognise the name of Richard Kemp from back in the early days of some of the single regeneration work that happened on Gamesley a few years ago, which is partly one of the reasons why he makes the read list.

Anyway enough of the back ground and on to the post itself, its a post titled “some advice to new councillors“, and on the whole I would agree with the majority of the advice it offers, and whilst I can’t quite go along with the final point of advice to “treat MP’s with the disrespect they deserve”, I certainly agree with the sentiment that they are from a talking organisation, where as councillors are from a doing organisation.