Samas Roneo – October 2018 Update

Samas Roneo - October 2018 UpdateThis coming Monday (8th October), the council's development control committee will consider and most likely decide the two planning application that has been submitted for the Samas Roneo site.

Agenda Item 6 will consider planning application HPK/2018/0191 which is the reserve matters application for 93 dwellings on the former Samas Roneo warehouse, and the land to the left as far down as behind the Bluebell.

Agenda item 7 will consider planning application HPK/2018/0272 which is for full planning permission for 44 dwellings on the land adjoining the former Samas Roneo warehouse as far up as Gamesley bridge.

Planning officers recommend both applications for approval.

In the case of planning application HPK/2018/0191, it first received outline planning approval in 2012, which was renewed in 2015, with the current reserve matters application completing the planning process.

If approved it will bring 93 dwellings (6 1 bed apartments, 12 2 bed apartments, 14 2 bed houses, 30 3 bed houses, 31 4 bed houses) of which 20 (10 2 bed and 10 3 bed) will be for affordable housing (80% socially rented, 20% intermediate housing).

The primary access to the site is changed from the former Samas Roneo entrance to more or less in between the gap between 61 and 63 Glossop Road and again if approved will see the road layout altered to accommodate that entrance and a mini traffic island added into the road.

There would also be a pedestrian entrance to the site added in between the Bluebell and 86 Glossop Road.

Two objections to the application have been submitted, and the people that have provided those objections will have the chance to speak at the committee for a maximum (between them) of 3 minutes.

However, the objections can only be about the reserve matters application and not around the general principle of building on the site as this was considered and determined at the outline application stage.

For planning application HPK/2018/0272, this is a new complete application which if approved will bring 44 dwellings (3 1 bed, 14 2 bed, 18 3 bed, 9 4 bed) of which 13 (8 2 bed, 5 3 bed) will be for affordable housing on the same 80% socially rented and 20% intermediate housing.

The entrance to the site for the bulk of the new properties will be the same as the for the other application, except for four dwellings which will be accessed by a separate entrance nearer the top of the Glossop Road before the gap from the path from Gamesley up towards Glossop.

13 objections have been submitted against the development these raise concerns over the 2nd entrance to the site at the top of Glossop Road, traffic impact, parking provision, impact on wildlife, and suitability of existing utilities to support the development.

The folks who have submitted the 13 objections will have a maximum (between them) of 3 minutes to speak at the development control committee meeting to raise their objections.

There has also been one letter of support for the application, and as with the objectors the 'supporter' could speak for a maximum of 3 minutes at the committee to raise their issues.

Before considering the application at Monday's development control committee meeting, the committee will do a site visit to view the area under consideration.

You can read the reports to the development control committee by clicking here for agenda item 6 (HPK/2018/0191) and by clicking here for agenda item 7 (HPK/2018/0272).

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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