Gamesley Sidings

Gamesley SidingsLocals, especially anyone who has travelled on the train from Glossop to Manchester will be aware of the tree and land works that are currently ongoing on land to the rear of the Bluebell Pub / Orchard Drive.

Unfortunately, despite a variety of rumours circulating locally, the works are not (at least as far as we know) in relation to Gamesley finally getting a station, with Network Rail denying any knowledge or responsibility for the works.

At current the land, where the works have taken place, is not the subject of any sort of planning permission, and to date, the council doesn’t have any details on who the works are for and why the works are taking place.

In terms of the tree works that have taken place, although the trees on the other side of the tracks, and on land adjoining the site where the works are taking place are covered by tree protection orders, as the majority of the trees in the area have only sprouted up since the use of the land finished by the railway, none of the trees on the site were covered by tree protection orders, meaning that the only action the council has been able to take with regards to the removal of the trees is to report the works to the forestry commission for any action that they may take.

As soon as I have any details on what the works are or any reports back from the forestry commission, I’ll update folks with any details.

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