Changes to the Glossopdale Local Link

Changes to the Glossopdale Local LinkChanges to the Glossopdale Local Link : At the end of January, there were changes to the Tameside-based Local Link services which are linked to the Glossopdale one, initially these changes were advised to only effect the Tameside service, with no changes to the Glossopdale one.

However, following some issues, the changes do actually effect the Glossopdale service.

The change is that following a review toward the end of last year the decision was made to effectively merge the operation of the Hattersley and Tame Valley services, along with the Glossopdale service.

This decision was made on the basis of the ‘demand’ ie how many folk are using the service.

What this means for us in Glossopdale is that the hours of operation for the service has now changed from 6 pm until 10.30pm, Monday to Saturday – to 6 pm until 10.00pm and on Sunday’s / Bank Holidays the time has changed from 10.30am to 10.30pm to 6.00am until 10.00pm.

For full details on how to book/use the service please click here.

With the change to the service, you may need to book (particularly evening journeys) further in advance than you may previously have done, should you have any problems or issues with the service or with any of our local bus services please let me know via BusWatch.

At some point in time, the County Council may show details of the change on the public transport section of the county council website, however despite establishing the arrangement as the replacement for the former night time / Sunday service last April to date neither bus stops on the route or any part of the County Council website (to date) show any details of the alternative arrangements.

Don’t forget that to keep what we’ve got and have any chance of extending or improving the service, folk need to keep using the services we have, including the Local Link.

Keep signing the petitions (if and when they are about), and keep complaining if the buses don’t turn up, don’t arrive on time or in the case of the Local Link if you can’t book it.

Changes to the Glossopdale Local Link 2