Recycling poster winners

Recycling poster winners : During the last few weeks you will have seen Emma Degnen and Liam Holly our recycling promoters out and about around Gamesley spreading the word about recycling and encouraging residents to recycle their waste.

This work was part of a summer Recycle for Gamesley campaign to improve the amount of recycling run by High Peak Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council and Resource Recovery Solutions Ltd.

Another stand of the work to promote recycling was a poster competition run in local schools, with the winning poster destined to be on the side of the recycling vehicle that covers Gamesley.

Recycling poster winnersWell after some difficult judging work, a winner and two runner’s up were selected (as pictured left) with Nico Jamieson’s poster been selected as the winner, and entries by Morgan Scowcroft and Junior Ellis been selected as the runners up.

Although you will get to see Nico’s poster on the side of a recycling poster, you can view the winning entries below :

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If your still unsure of what goes in what bin you can use our online checker to double check any items you’re unsure of.

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