New Glossop Library Plans

New Glossop Library PlansNew Glossop Library Plans :

Derbyshire County Council are currently running a consultation so residents can see the plans and architects’ drawings for the new / relocated Glossop Library.

The proposal is to move the library from its current location to a new build within / connected to the nearby Glossop Adult Education Centre.

You can view the plans in the locations below on the following times and dates :

Glossop Library, Victoria Hall, Talbot Street, Glossop:

  • Saturday 7 May 2016 between 10am and noon
  • Monday 9 May 2016 between 3.30pm and 6pm
  • Wednesday 11 May 2016 between 10am and noon

Glossop Adult Community Education Centre, Talbot Street, Glossop:

  • Monday 9 May 2016 between 1pm and 3pm

The new library (as you can see below) will be a two-storey extension attached to and located partly within the existing adult education building. The current adult education centre entrance and reception will be used by the library and the adult education service.