394 – 202 (evenings) – Brief update

394 - 202 (evenings) – Brief update394 - 202 (evenings) – Brief update :

Thank you to local residents (sorry I don’t know who) for sending back in the post several completed petition pages for our 394 petition.
If you’ve been on the website, the number showing on the website is only 272 (at current) there is actually 450 (on the online versions), however the number on the website only updates if you click the link in the confirmation email, that you get after signing it.

In terms of what’s happening with regards to 394 - the news is encouraging and, we are hoping to have additional information, toward the middle to the end of next week. In the meantime please keep signing either the online version of the petition by clicking here or the paper versions available (also available by clicking here) at various locations across Glossopdale.

Additionally, there are now also a variety of petitions supporting the 394 that have been set up in Marple.

202 (evenings) Glossop to Hyde

In terms of the current 202 Glossop to Hyde service, that runs in the evenings (Monday to Saturday),) many locals have been in touch regards concerns that this service will be withdrawn.

The full situation is very similar to what happened with the 236 evening service last year. In common with the rest of the cross boundary services that run from Glossop, the 202 at nights is jointly funded by both the county council and Transport for Greater Manchester, as happened with the 236, TFGM has decided to withdraw the funding for the Broadbottom to Hyde part of the route.

However, unlike the 236, which was just cancelled – discussion are ongoing around some form of replacement for the 202, and at the Bus Network and Transport for Greater Manchester Services Sub Committee which meets on Friday (11th March), there is the following recommendation:

Members are asked to approve the officers recommendation to extend the Tame Valley Local Link service with effect from Sunday 3rd April to additionally serve Charlesworth and Gamesley, with an extra stop in Glossop Town Centre. The full cost of this extension is to be met by Derbyshire County Council.

If approved (as I expect - hope it will be), it will mean that in place of the Monday to Saturday 202 evening service, we will instead be on the Tame Valley Local Link.

From details on the TFGM website, Local Link is a form of ring and ride, which needs to booked in advance as detailed below :

Local Link is a low-cost, flexible, accessible transport service that 'fills the gaps' where other public transport options are limited or not available.

The service operates in those areas of Greater Manchester where there is a need. Local Link is available to anyone living or working in these areas - there are no age or disability restrictions.

It is necessary to register before using the service.

I’ve gone back to ask for additional details on costs, how it works and what it means for locals that have system one / get me there passes and will advise further details as soon as confirmed.

Again please get in touch, if you need further information or will be effected by these changes.

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