236/7 – Big changes to evening services from Sunday 12th April

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With effect from this coming Sunday (12th April 2015) there are big changes coming to the evening service on the 236/7 - Glossop to Ashton Under Lyne service.

The 236 evening service will be withdrawn - with the 237 been retimed in the evenings to provide an hourly service between Glossop and Ashton Under Lyne.

The change is due to TFGM withdrawing the subsidy for the 236 in part as I understand it due to most of the route been covered by the 237 and low passenger numbers.

Stagecoach are also making some changes to early morning Monday to Friday journeys 'to improve punctuality'.

In terms of missing journeys - from Shirehill to Glossop (and then on to Ashton via Woolley Bridge) - the current journeys at 19.03, 19.18, 20.00 and 21.00, (Monday to Friday) disappear along with the 1843, 20.00 and 21.00 on Saturdays and the 18.53, 19.57 and 20.57 journeys on a Sunday, and the corresponding 19.51 and 20.46 journeys from Glossop to Shirehill  (Monday to Friday/Saturday) and 20.48 on a Sunday.

In. terms of the Woolley Bridge / Hollingworth section, the last journey from Glossop (Market Hall) will now be 18.48 (Monday to Friday), 17.53 (Saturdays) and 17.52 (Sunday's).

For the 237 - from 19.33 (Monday to Sunday) it will now run hourly to Ashton Under Lyne, with the return journey leaving Ashton Under Lyne at 18.51 and hourly until the last trip (except for Friday / Saturday night) leaving Ashton Under Lyne at 23.31 - the changes also see the last bus to leave Glossop now almost 40 minutes earlier at 23.33 rather than the current 00.10.

For full details you can view the new timetable for the 236/7 by clicking here

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