Samas Roneo / Glossop Road – Housing Consultation

This afternoon from 4.00pm until 7.00pm in the GRA Office, a consultation organised by BNP Paribas on behalf of Astor Property Group took place.

The consultation was around proposals from the above to seek planning permission for 95 houses on land including the former Samas Roneo Warehouse on Glossop Road.

The consultation took the form of the below display boards, with attendees been asked to complete a questionnaire (copies of which will be available here tomorrow – once it’s been emailed through).

It will be interesting to see what happens next – in terms of whether they go to the next step of submitting a planning application, as many of the folk attending today event seemed in opposition to the proposals, but in addition to concerns around the proposals there was also a number of questions the proposers of the scheme were unable to answer, as they will only be seeking outline permission with the actual ‘builder’ to come forward at some later date.
If you have views, comments or questions on the scheme please let me know – and as and when I have any further details on what’s happening around this proposals I’ll let folk know as soon as I know.

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