Samas Roneo / Glossop Road – Housing Consultation – Feedback Forms

Following on from Monday’s post on the consultation event, I advised that BNP Paribas would be emailing a feedback form, however they have now advised the following :
I refer to a resident’s request last night for further feedback forms. The feedback forms have been purposely designed to obtain feedback from people who attended the exhibition and had the opportunity to view the scheme. For this reason, we feel it would not be appropriate to send out feedback forms to people who did not attend the exhibition. Alternatively, however if people have any queries or would like information about the proposals they should feel free to contact us. Notwithstanding this, there will be a further opportunity for local residents to view the development proposals at a second consultation event once the planning application has been submitted. There will also be opportunity for local residents to submit their views to High Peak Borough Council once the application has been submitted and the planning application documents have been made available on the Council’s website.
Now whilst there reply is not entirely helpful, it does seem to indicate that they will be going ahead with submitting a planning application at some point in the near future.

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