The new Glossopdale project – or should be it the old Glossopdale project ?

A few weeks ago I took part in a walk round of the Melandra Castle (or fort as it should be) (the real one not the pub) with representatives of the Glossop and Longdendale Archaeological Society (GLAS), along with representatives from English Heritage and the Council looking at concerns over the site, and what works / treatment etc needs to be considered to enhance, preserve and protect the site.


Well whilst the work needed following that visit is still being considered I’ve being contacted by GLAS, who are working in Partnership with the University of Salford Centre for Applied Archaeology to work on putting together an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to support a major community archaeology project in the Glossopdale area, with the largest single element of the project being to make further investigation of the Melandra Roman Fort, and it related ‘civil’ settlement much of which they advise is unexplored.


The project area would cover the whole of Glossopdale and would I hope perhaps be able to look at some of the more modern (as in Victorian) sites around Glossopdale as well as giving us a better chance to more fully investigate and consider what there is at Melandra and what can be done to enhance, preserve and protect the site.


Further details of the project will come out in due course other the next few weeks, and I hope that GLAS will receive any support that’s needed from both the Borough, County and the Peak District National Park.

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