Is this the end of a home for life ?

Concerning news this evening with the reported announcement from Condem Prime Minister David Cameron, on changes to tenancy that could see the idea of secure tenancies for life ended.

Cameron is reported as saying that Council houses should be allocated on fixed-term deals rather than being granted automatically “for life”.
The comments come following a visit to the West Midlands where questions were raised by a mother of two teenagers that had slept on a blow-up bed for two years because her council could not find her more space.
However Cameron’s comments misunderstand the root of the problem which is not that tenants should be forced out of their homes, to address the failings of both the current and I have to say previous Labour government’s policy on correcting the error of the Tory Thatcherite years where large amounts of housing stock where sold off.
I say error because whilst this policy was popular with those who benefited from it, it has lead to huge problems and pressures on the remaining housing stock as the various scheme to get new houses over the years have not being sufficient to meet need.
I do however agree with the comments of John Healy MP the Labour Shadow Minister who said the following :

Shadow housing minister John Healey said Mr Cameron’s words confirmed his party’s worst fears about Conservative plans.

“What is needed is more secure homes not less. Before the election Labour warned the Tories had a secret plan to get rid of secure tenancies and they accused us of scaremongering.”

“Less than three months later we have the truth.”

“This is so important because people highly value the affordable cost and long-term stability of secure tenancy.”