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Winster Mews Chippy picture of a facebook post In case you're not a regular on Facebook, or you may have missed the news elsewhere, after many year's absence, there is a new owner-operator, that will be reopening a chippy, in the old chippy on Winster Mews.

Due to a change in how the 'new' chippy will have ventilation, as opposed to how it worked last time it was open. They have had to apply for planning permission for a new 'flue', and there has been a delay in that process.

This is irritating news from High Peak Borough Council and is bizarrely one of the occasions when the council trying to be open and transparent is actually unhelpful.

The reason for this is because the chippy is in a council-owned building, any planning permission can only be granted by the Development Control Committee rather than an officer decision as would normally be the case for such small works as this.

This means that due to delays from the council's environmental health team who initially raised a holding objection, the application to approve the 'flue' for the chippy wasn't ready to go the last meeting of development control on Monday and is instead awaiting the next meeting on the 11th March.

I'm currently working with the council's directors for regeneration and legal to find another way to get things moving so this issue can be resolved.

In the meantime, please like The Chippy's Facebook page, give them your ideas on opening times, and menu options, and (like me) look forward to when we once again have a local chippy.

As soon as I have any more news I'll let folk know.

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