New Year 2019 Fare Rises

New Year 2017 Fare RisesNew Year 2019 Fare Rises: Alas while you may be enjoying the last of the Christmas spirit and preparing for the New Year, an unfortunate certainty of the New Year, guaranteed to bring your Christmas spirit to an end is the New Year price rises that come to travel costs.

Regarding rail, fare are rising on average by 3.1%, which roughly means an increase of 20p on single-return trips to Manchester, but the price may be different depending on the time of travel etc.

Bus Fares
While individual bus fares (on Gamesley) are not expected to rise again shortly following, the increases on High Peak toward the end of last year, unfortunately, there is a range of increases this year to the system one / get me there range of tickets as detailed below :

Price Changes from 2nd January 2017

"We have some changes to our Travelcard prices from 2nd January 2019.

Student prices will not change, but there are some increases to our other products - both System One and get me there.

We will also no longer sell our 7 & 28 Day Junior Travelcards as paper tickets. These will now only be available as smart products using the igo card (which is smart enabled)."

Please note the igo - junior travelcards are not available to Derbyshire residents (unless you have Greater Manchester igo pass)

Details of the price increase are shown below:

One Day Tickets

Bus only - current £5.60 - new £5.80
Bus & Tram off-peak - current £7.00 - new £7.30
Bus & Tram all day - new £8.80
Bus & Train off-peak - current £7.30 - new £7.50
Tram & Train off-peak - current £8.60 - new £9.00
Bus, Tram & Train off-peak - current £9.30 - new £9.70
Bus group (2 adults & up to 3 children) - current £14.00 - new £14.50

7 Day Tickets

Bus only - current £18.00 - new £19.00
Bus & Tram - current £36.60 - new £38.00
County Card (bus & train) - current £38.00 - new £40.00
Student - current £14.00 - new £14.00

You can see the prices for monthly and various other combinations by clicking here.


If you use Stagecoach services, they are also changing prices from the 2nd January. They advise that most single journey fares will remain the same, but there are changes to day and weekly tickets.

Day Tickets
Adult Dayrider - current £4.50 - new £4.80
Group Dayrider - current £9.00 - new £10.00
Plus One Dayrider - current £6.00 - new £6.50

7 Day plus
7 Day Megarider - current £15.00 - new £16.00
28 Day Megarider - current £58.00 - new £60.00

You can get more details on the Stagecoach Manchester website by clicking here.

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