The Alternative Carols

The Alternative CarolsIn the run up to Christmas, members of Unite Community worked up some alternative lyrics to the traditional Christmas carols in an effort to raise awareness about the effects of Universal Credit and what it potentially means to local people.

However members didn’t want to just raise awareness they also wanted something practical to be achieved from the performances, so collections were taken for the Glossopdale Food Bank and the song book with the special worded songs was made available for sale, with proceeds going to support the food bank.

Whilst Universal Credit isn’t fully implemented here and on the current timetable isn’t due until later in the year, in place across the country where it has been the impact has been terrible, with delays in payments, difficulties in applying and I know there are a whole host of groups working across Glossopdale to put together resources to tackle and support people for when (or hopefully if, if common sense prevails) Universal Credit is implemented locally.