2017 A not so quick review (part four)

Part four and the concluding part of the not so quick review of 2017 covering the period from October to December.


October started off with a first for me, in terms of visiting the Co-operative Party Conference in London.

In its centenary year, the Co-operative Party has done a whole host of events across the country many aimed at raising awareness of what the party is, and what some of the policy aims are.

A particular amazing site at the conference was the Women's quilt, a patchwork quilt commemorating the lives of 598 women in England and Wales killed by their partners or ex-partners.

The project was started by Roxanne Ellis, a Labour/Co-op councillor, after she read the Femicide Census, which records the names of all the women killed by their partners or ex-partners between 2009 and 2015.

October saw the first of what is hoped to be a whole host of community run events in the Community Centre by local Cherly Spilsbury.



In October it was great to welcome into the world my niece Betty Marrie, pictured with me and Harry.




November sees everyone gathering together to celebrate Bonfire night, and whilst locally on Gamesley we didn't have a bonfire this year, we did have fire works and fire dancers.

I also had the chance to once again cover the Glossop & District Round Table Manor Park Bonfire & Fireworks. A great evening which I hope will once again be of great benefit to a number of Glossopdale groups with the funds that are raised by the head working team of tablers and the various volunteers that help on the night, you can see a few images below and more on flickr.

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As always its great to see the huge and ever growing Remembrance Sunday attendance not only at Glossop where I attended but also from the feedback from others at Hadfield as well.






Almost as a preparation for the festive season is the annual Gamesley celebration of achievement.

An evening where we take a little time to recognise those who make a difference in our community - you can see more details on that shortly.

Finally for October in the spirit of random things as well as the norm, don't swans have big feet.





November and into early December sees a whole host of Christmas markets taking place and locally we have 3 great ones, on Gamesley in Glossop and at Old Glossop.





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The folk train, is a Glossop institution and the Christmas one even more so.
This year's Christmas folk train featured the Eunaice Bobcats, a small 17 piece (at least in the version that attended at Christmas) providing a great sound.
If you've never heard of the folk train before, a band play on the train up to Glossop, then play in the Labour Club, before finally playing on the train back to Manchester.



Finally Thanks for taking a few minutes to read the brief review of the year and may 2018 bring you everything you want.



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