Gamesley Sidings (Application HPK/2017/0655)

Gamesley Sidings (Application HPK/2017/0655)Following on from the wanton vandalism of the Gamesley sidings area by the destruction of the trees that had grown since the railways had finished with the land last year, there has been a lack of clarity over what would happen next.

Now with an application for planning for the land being submitted, the future or at least the intentions of the owners are at least are a little clearer.

Planning application HPK/2017/0655 has been submitted by the owners Shea Investments to allow “Levelling of the site surface for purposes of providing a level hardstanding surface”.

From the documentation attached the reason for the application is to “allow the continuation and enhancement of the existing established use of site as a storage area”, and it details the planning history of the site which includes two applications granted but as far as I know never used for storing caravans on the site in the late 1980’s.

The documentation details that the site will be levelled out and that a 'subgrade with a thickness of approximately 200mm of 6F21 or similar suitable material is placed on top of the levelled site surface and that a thickness of approximately 100mm of Type 12 or similar suitable material is placed on top of the subgrade.'

The application also includes proposals for an enhanced screening bund on the northern boundary of the site and a '250m long 2.0m high fence along the southern boundary of the site in order to link up the existing perimeter fence'.

If approved the works will be done by approximately 4 to 6 ‘eight‐wheeled heavy goods vehicles capable of carrying 20-tonne payloads’ a day over the course of 12 to 18 months.

To view more details on the application please click here to view the details on the council’s website, you can also comment and / or object to the application via this page.

If you have views on the application please let me know, you can click here to see ways of getting in touch.

Update : If you want to comment or object to the proposals please click here for my commenting on planning applications page by clicking here.

Update 10/1/18 - Discussion are ongoing with the applicant as to if this will be an application that is determined by the council (depending on the use it may be an other body that will determines the application.

If. the application is to be decided by High Peak - it will be determined by the Development Control committee rather than officers.

Update 16/1/18 - The consultation deadline is now 6/2/2018


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