Have your say – local issues survey

Have your say - local issues survey
"Amplifiers at Bolling Field, 1921." Two giant horns with ear tubes, by Tom Wrigley on Flickr

Have your say - local issues survey : Whilst many folk may be heading away for the summer, I'm hoping you will be willing to spend a few minutes of your time on our local issues survey.

As your local councillor, it is really important to hear about the issues that matter to you, and whilst quite often there are surveys and things going on to collect your views on national issues, quite often the local stuff - which can have a more immediate effect on your day-to-day quality of life is sometimes missed, and whilst we hold regular surgeries and other means of getting in touch to hear about your local issues of concerns, sometimes folk will only get in touch when something is quite bad or needs an immediate fix and hopefully our local issues survey will give you the chance to have your say.

To complete the survey, if you're a Gamesley resident please click here or if your from elsewhere in the High Peak please click here (it's nothing sinister the two separate links, there's just a few more specific Gamesley issues / questions on the Gamesley version than the general High Peak version).

If online's not your thing, papers versions of the survey are also available, please click here to get in touch and I'll get one dropped off.

If you have an issue that you're not sure fits in the survey or you just want to query something direct, please get in touch by clicking here, and if you are not sure if it's a local council issue, please try my local councillors what can we do for you page by clicking here.

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