Mouselow Quarry – Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan

Mouselow Quarry - Derbyshire Minerals Local PlanDerbyshire County Council working with Derby City Council are preparing a joint minerals local plan for Derbyshire, outside of the Peak Park.

Whilst the local plan sets out what sites across the area will be used for housing and other uses, the minerals plan essential does the same thing except for where and when new and existing mineral working sites will be required during the duration of the plan.

The plan identifies specific sites across the whole of Derbyshire and Derby (except within the Peak Park) for potential future mineral workings, along with determining policies within the plan that will be used to determine planning applications for mineral development.

Mouselow Quarry - Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan MapWithin our area, an extension to Mouselow Quarry has been put forward for working by the operators Wienerberger, and the County Council will be holding a public consultation event on Monday 13th February to collect public views about the proposal, and the plan in general.

In addition to the consultation event the County Council has produced an initial assessment of the site, details of which can be found at the following webpage :

Next Monday’s event, will take place from 2.00pm to 6.30pm in Glossop Library, and planning officers will be in attendance to explain the Minerals Local Plan in more detail and to answer any questions about this site.